June 2nd & 3rd, 2007 * Peavine Mountain Reno, Nevada USA

We had a blast at the N Trail downhill event on Sunday!

Curtis Opperman
dhReno semi-pro racer Curtis Opperman heading for 3rd place at the Peavine Challenge. Photo by Gary Hoffman.


Randy lines up at the start of the sport course.  A lightning fire had burned part of the starting area on Saturday afternoon! The fire also cause officals to shorten the XC race by one lap. Photo Gary.


Luke and Ech at the start. Check out the burn.  Photo Gary.


Joe and PH. Photo Gary.

This was the most riders ever shuttled in the F250 and trailer. In this photo two riders and their bikes have already gotten off! Probably 17 people and 16 bikes. Big thanks to Randy Robison of Black Rock Bicycles for taking on all riders! Thanks to all the shuttle drivers who volunteered to take us up the mountain! Photo Gary.


Race Action:

Luke Opperman
Luke Opperman bombs the rock waterfall on his race run. Photo by Nancy.


Randy Robison
Randy Robison railing the course on his Intense M3. Photo by Nancy.


BikeRaceSean PevineChallenge 066 BikeRaceRandy
1. Sean               2. Sean        3. Randy
  PevineChallenge 065 BikeRaceSteve BikeRacePH2
4. Steve               5. Steve       6. PH
BikeRacePH PevineChallenge 059 PevineChallenge 057
7. PH                  8. PH            9. Joe
PevineChallenge 051 PevineChallenge 038
10. Curtis     11. Blue

Don Moorehouse
Don rock’n the waterfall. Photo Nancy.


Podium shots:

Blue 2nd place and Don 3rd place at the Expert 30-39 podium.


PevineChallenge 103     PevineChallenge 090      PevineChallenge 088
1. Jed & Curtis  2. Sean          3. Adam
PevineChallenge 087     PevineChallenge 085     PevineChallenge 092
4. PH               5. Joe                    6. Steve & Randy

Tomo and Toru

Tomo and Toru scored a 1st and 3rd at the XC race on Saturday! Tomo’s first race in about 3 years!


Dave Bright
Dave Bright 1st Place Expert 40+ and the fastest dhReno time!

PevineChallenge 076

Huge thanks to dhReno racer Bill Smith who provided expert mechanic support to all racers at the Peavine Challenge!

Bill Smith OG's

Big thanks to all the Reno Wheelmen  volunteers for putting on a great event!