The most important tip is to just get out there and ride your bike on the Downieville Downhill. It’s all fun!  Curtis Opperman
Curtis Opperman on the Butcher Ranch trail

1. Just ride your bike!  The beauty of Downieville Downhill is that you can ride it on any type mountain bike from a fully rigid to a full blown dh rig. We’ve ridden them all here.  From our experience the optimum bike for the DVDH is a 6″ + travel all mountain bike like an Intense 6.6 or a Nomad.  A downhill bike is a lot of fun on this ride but you won’t set any speed records because of the climbs. The bike shops in DVille rent high quality mtn bikes.

2. Use glasses or googles with a light tint or clear lens. You are riding in the forest a lot with mottled lighting so dark glasses don’t pick up the contrast.  Goggles work well when you’re riding with a group as the trail gets dusty.

3. Run downhill tires.  If you’re bombing the trail, the rocks will take a toll on your tires.  Dh tires with a 2ply sidewall and super tacky rubber work great! Mark Weir, the course record holder at the DVille DH Race, uses a light weight Nomad with DH tires for his race runs.

4. Be prepared to fix a flat -even if you’re running dh tires.  I haven’t ridden the downhill yet where at least one person in our group didn’t flat.

5. Look where you want the bike to go –  there is a lot of exposure here so don’t look over the edge while you’re riding!

6. Some things to pack in your Camelbak:  mosquito repelant, light jacket, camera. 

7. Consider wearing body armor – especially if you’re rock’n a modern trail bike or dh bike. The speeds that you will hit on this single track are amazing.

8. Eat in Downieville.There is great food in DVille – pizza and beer, deli sandwiches at DVille Grocery and a good little cafe. Support local DVille businesses – they depend on mountain bikers in the summer.

9. Use the local DVille shuttles. The shuttle services make getting to the top easy – and you’re supporting the great bike shops in DVille so they’ll be there when you need them.

10. Have cloths at the finish. The trails can be wet at the top and dusty at the bottom. Dry cloths, socks and shoes feel great at the end of the ride.

If you ride DVille please leave your riding tips below. Thanks!