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May 20th, 1984

Sierra Bicycle Club Logo

L2R: Steve Cleek, Max Jones, R. Bulis and Bayard Webb at the 1st Sierra Bicycle Club mountain bike race in the Reno area on May 20th, 1984. The Sierra Bicycle Club was the predecessor of the modern Reno Wheelmen for local club mtn bike racing.

Race report from the original SBC newsletter:

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This was also Max Jones first ever mtb race. He went on to become a mountain bike pro, two time National Champion, 3rd at the World Cup Finals in ’89 and was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame!  Max currently runs the mountain bike and XC ski concession at Spooner Lake  (at the bottom of the Flume Trail, Lake Tahoe).  MtnBikeHallOfFame.com in Crested Butte, Colorado.

In the photo Steve is wearing a white “Skid Lid” helmet and Max is wearing a leather “hair net”!  Neither helmet would even get close to getting a modern CPSC sticker. Bayard has on a Bell helmet that probably had the same level of protection as today’s helmets.

1. Leather helmet “hairnet”            2. The Skidlid


The Bikes:

Back in the day, there was only one kind of mountain bike. They were all fully rigid, cromoly steel hardtails and looked pretty much the same.

Steve and Max are racing 1983 Trek 850 mountain bikes. This was Trek’s first mountain bike and it was cool for the price in ’83.

Trek 850

Notice that the seat post had a quick release under the saddle to slide the saddle fore and aft.  Everyone quickly figured out that this wasn’t an important feature for a mountain bike and it faded into the annuals of mtb history.

Trek 850

Photos from First Flight Bikes.

Trek 850

Steve snapped the top tube on his 850 bomb’n down Keystone Canyon later that year (1984). He replaced the 850 with an awesome, handmade Ritchey Timber Wolf that is still running!

FirstFlightBikes.com/Trek 850


Bayard’s bike was a super trick, camo Mountain Goat. Photos of the same model are here: FirstFlightBikes.com/Mountain_Goat