Monterey, California * April 12th-15th, 2007

It was a fantastic Sea Otter this year and everyone had a blast! With 7 podium finishes including a couple of wins in the downhill it was a huge race for dhReno!

Adam Connolly

Adam on his race run on Sunday


The Otter 2007:

More than thirty dhReno racers and support crew attended the event including:  Adam, Amanda, Bernadette, Bill, Cierra, Clark, Cooper, Cristy, Curtis, Davey, David, Debbi, Eddy, Eric, Fred, Hacksaw, Jim, J-Man, Joe, John, Matt, Maria, Mike, Nancy B., Nancy, PH, Randy, Sean, Steve, Zack


 Randy, Nathan Rennie, Kirt Vories, Steve Peat

Randy recruited a few more racers for dhReno at Sea Otter……


Racing Video

The short race video. Adam is working on an awesome video that we’ll post in a couple of days. It will have shots of everyone except Randy & Steve – it was raining too hard on their run!



Curtis Opperman smoked the course and ran 14th out of 73 Semi-Pro Racers in a hotly contested race!


Joe & PH

Joe & PH heading for their race



 Matt Robison #1

Matt Robison 1st Place DH Sport Men 19-24


Dave Bright # 1

Dave Bright 1st Place DH Expert Men 40-49. Dave also scored a 2nd in Downhill Hardtail and a 7th in Super D!


Bernie McElroy

Bernie Opperman scored a 5th place with the highly competitive DH Sport Women 19-29 group!


Nancy Birch #3

Nancy Birch (age 48) scored a 3rd racing with the DH 30+ Expert Women!


Sean Martin at Sea Otter 2007

Sean Martin (on the far left) takes 5th in his first ever DH race! He’d have probably won it without the crash. Photo by Hacksaw.


Other Podium finishes with no photos yet: 

  • Cierra Smith grabbed a 2nd place finish in the Jr Sport Downhill with a very impressive run against tough competiton. This was with a crash in her race run!


Mud Racing:  the mud got us again this year.  A torrential downpour on Saturday turned the course into a real mess with sections slicker than billy-goat snot on a greased door knob.  More than a few race hopes were squashed sliding out in the goo – but that’s racing!

Sean Martion


Sean Martin on the race…..


Eric Opperman

Eric after sliding out in the last berm. Even with a crash he still had a ran a great time in his first Pro race.


Sea Squatter Campsite 2007

dhReno camp

7 tents, 2 travel trailers, 1 tent trailer and 1 RV


Happy Campers


L2R: Cooper, Nancy, Dave, Randy, Davey, Amanda, Matt & Debbi

Huge thanks to Debbi and Randy Robison of Black Rock Bicycles for organizing the trip and to Debbi for all the hard work in preparing the delicious meals for the entire group! You guys are the best!


dhReno camp after the Saturday deluge: “A River Runs Through It”


The Downhill Course

Sea Otter 2007

Spectators packed the course……



The Venue

Sea Otter is part race, part festival and part bike trade show….

Intense M5

Cool new bikes – the prototype Intense M5. The frame is 2 lbs. less than an M3!


Does this logo design look familiar?  It’s even on the back of a black shirt! They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.



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