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“I’m hoping to use this thread as info to the powers that be so I’d like some honest input. Some friends and I have approached a ski area here in north Lake Tahoe about a mountain bike park and they’re listening.  …………….

 As it stands, it sounds like they were already thinking of putting on some sort of event next year but without a clear idea of what yet. We’d like them to open up for at least weekend operations on a regular basis…….possibly have some sort of opening or even several events.

I’m not naming the spot because this is just now being discussed, but the area has a history of hosting sort of “less mainstream” activities. They’ve held mt board races, motorcycle trials, dh bike races, a 24 hr race and were one of the first places in the country to allow snowboards way back when. The location could potentially put us in competition with the existing lift accessed mtn already here (Northstar). So what we’re proposing to do is basically build the things that Northstar won’t. Jumps, bridges, skinnies, as well as reopening a former dh course already on the property…..maybe change it up a bit. So I’d like to know how much interest there would be in something like this.

We’re willing to do the trailwork for free in exchange just for having this stuff available since building in the area on public lands is impossible around here. Having a demonstrated client potential would certainly make turning the lifts in summer time more appealing if they can have a reasonable expectation to cover their costs and maybe make some money.

So a more ‘freeride’ oriented offering in the north Tahoe area……..what do you think? ”

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