Pimp Biker and dhReno will put on a Super-D race series in Reno starting in 2007.  Super D (Super Downhill) races are super fun and are more like trail riding than other types of racing.  A Super D competition is longer than a standard downhill race and involve some climbing – although they are predominently technical downhill.

Pimp Biker - Reno, Nevada

“Super D is the kind of race you’d have with your riding buddies – first one down the last epic descent doesn’t have to buy the beer,” said two-time national Super D champion, Adam Craig. “It’s the essence of mountain biking in my mind, everyone climbs to descend, is in shape because of it, knows how to rail because of it – it’s the simple combination and concentration that make it such a good time.” – from cyclingnews.com

Photo from Ian at DownhillNews.com

Photo by Ian at DownhillNews.com


The Norba definition: The Super D is a hybrid cross-country/downhill competition. This race can be contested with individual starts, as in downhill events, or a Le Mans mass start. The course should be 12-20 minutes in length and the start should be higher in altitude than the finish line. Courses should have significantly more descending than climbing, be void of any jumps, and not be extremely technical. A full-suspension trail bike would be ideal for this type of race.