Tamarack Bike Park * Donnelly, Idaho

Last Sunday dhReno riders Adam Connolly and Jim Connolly explored Tamarack Bike Park. This mountain sounds like amazing riding! Here’s Adam’s review.

Adam at Tamarack FR park 


Tamarack Resort is about an hour and a half drive from Bosie, Idaho. It’s a very beautiful drive and you can watch the kayakers plunge down the Payette River almost the whole time.

Tamarack has only been open for about two years and they are doing an excellent job with everything they do. I skied there during Thanksgiving this last season and it was great fun, so a could not wait to ride my bike there this summer and boy was it worth the wait!

The River drive 

The Resort has cross country and downhill bike trails. My dad, Jim Connolly, rode the XC system and said that there are some great flowing trails with technical switchbacks, steep climbs and on the decents -super banked turns to carry speed through. Of course there are fantastic views all along the way.

The downhill trail system is very cool! On the way up on the lift you can see most of the dh trails. The dh trail system is small at the moment but Troy, the mountain manager, says that there are plans to put in a bunch more trails including a mountain bike slope style course!

Tamarack bike park

Tamarack already has two free ride parks – one jump park and one north shore ladder type park.  They are both huge fun and flow nicely. The downhill trails are a blast with radical banked turns and nice jumps all the way down. They remind me of A Line at Whistler. 

Tamarack Resort and Bike Park

The main trail for downhill is Super G which is fast and full of jumps. Super G converges into the lower trails: ESR, Stage Fright or Rock Star. I hit all of the lower trails and they all were very difficult rides in their own way. My favorite is Stage Fright which drops right under the lift and is very steep with a 12ft drop or a 3ft drop (or no drop if you want) – lines which are all very fun.

Adam at Tamarack

Well all in all it was an awesome time and I give this resort two big thumbs up! Tamarack has a rippin bike trail sytem and the plans for new stuff will make it outstanding. Special thanks to staff members Troy and Heather for a fantastic time!            


Driving Directions:

Tamarack Resort is about 510 miles from Reno – 8.5 to 9 hour drive.