Nevada State Championship DH Race * Mount Rose, Nevada * Saturday August 19, 2006

dhReno finally got to shred on their home turf this weekend and it was awesome.

Eric Opperman at Sky Tavern 06

Eric Opperman on his way to a smokin’ 2nd Place Pro finish! Photo by Bill Smith.


The Sky Tavern Downhill is one of the most scenic races around. It starts way above Reno at the top of a ski lift with fantastic views of Reno and the Mt Rose Wilderness. It’s also one of the most fun and gnarly courses around. In fact originally the Pro/Expert course was so technical that it was modified on Friday in favor of a faster course that flowed better.

Still, this course is rad – steep, rocky and sandy in parts.  There’s a really fast step up jump over huge boulders in the middle of the race that keeps things exciting. Riders must definately pin it to make it down this track without flying off.

Sky Tavern


Racer News

Wil Smith race run

Ten dhReno Racers bombed the course on Saturday: 

  • Eric had an awesome run and was only 2 secs off of race winner Jon Wilson’s amazing time.
  • Adam would have won his Jr Ex division if his chain hadn’t jammed half way down the course – he still got second!
  • J ripped this course and got a 2nd place in his first DH race!
  • Hacksaw had two flats in practice and damn if he didn’t get another one on his race run! He still turned in a great time though!
  • Cierra did an amazing job bombing down this way technical course. This was for sure the gnarliest Sport course that we’ve raced this year!
  • Clark practiced on the super tech Pro/Expert course so the Sport course was no problem. He won his class!
  • Luke raced a great race (even with a couple of crashes) against a very competitive field in his division.
  • Don flew down this course with good form and gets faster every time he goes out on his DH bike.
  • Wil ripped his shorts on handlebars and then flew OTB, he recovered quickly and still won his class! (check out his shorts in the podium photo).
  • Steve ran off the track a few times, but it was still good enough to win Old Farts Sport.

The dhReno cheering section and photographers included: Bill, Maria, J-Man, Kristi, Janice, Tomo, Fumi, Jim and others…..

Race Photos by Janice & Bill (click to enlarge)

Adam Connolly  Cierra Smith Don Morehouse

1. Adam 2. Cierra 3. Don

Eric Opperman Luke Opperman  Wil Smith

4. Eric 5. Luke 6. Wil

Steve Cleek J Wil Smith

7. Steve 8. J  9. Wil


Homeboy Podium Finishes

Eric Opperman

Show me the money! Eric scores with the second fastest time of the day!

podiumadam.jpg podiumcierra.jpg Clark Wright

1. Adam   2. Cierra   3. Clark

Eric Opperman  Jay Ronnie

4. Jon & Eric  5. Nate & J   6. Ronnie

Steve & George  podiumwill.jpg

7. Steve & George     8. Wil


 Race Winner

Jon Wilson Sky Tavern Race Winner

DH Pro Jon Wilson Dirtworks/Ritchey won the overall race with the fastest time. He also won the rad Phat Cruiser provided by Black Rock Bicycles.

Dirtworks Dirtworks  Dirtworks

Jon’s Dirtworks race bike (click to enlarge)


dhReno Base Camp

 dhReno Base Camp

Shade and cold drinks – yeah!


Tomo of Z-Ventures made dhReno this cool banner. Thanks Tomo!!!


 Pimp Biker Clothing Company– a big supporter of the Sky Tavern Race and of dhReno.

Pimpbiker Tent

Pimpbiker Trailer

Thanks Tomo and Ronnie!


Sky Tavern Race