Nevada State Championship DH Race * Sky Tavern, Nevada * Saturday August 19, 2006 

Hacksaw has done a excellent job with the Sky Tavern DH course and it is pretty well dialed in. Thanks for all the hard work on the course Saw! The Pro/Expert and Sport/Beginner DH courses follow the traditional routes down the technical singletrack. 

There’ll be a final work party to groom and mark the course this Friday. Come out and help it’ll be fun and we’ll ride the course afterwards! Meet at the Sky Tavern parking lot Friday Aug. 18th at 8:00 AM (we’ll be working our way up the course if you get there later). Bring a shovel or rake and water.

The race is being run by the UNR Cycling Team’s Scot Ferguson or 775-742-3162. Check out the Sky Tavern DH Race Flyer for more info.

Sky Tavern

Steve & Saw. Photo by Tomo.


Friday Work Party Photos

Pro/Expert Course

Mount Rose

Eric Opperman