Deer Valley Norba National Series Race * Park City, Utah * Thursday July 6th thru Sunday July 9th, 2006

Congratulations to dhReno rider Eric Opperman who had the race of his life on the gnarly Pro/Expert DH course. Eric turned in a blazing time of 3:17 for a 4th place finish out of sixty nine Semi-Pro Racers in this hotly contested National Series Race.

 Jason, Eric, Nancy at the finish

Eric (in the middle) with Jason and Nancy after his race run.


Deer Valley

Congratulations are also in order for podium finishers David Bright (3rd Expert) and Davey Robison (3rd Jr) who both had smokin races in their own categories! Everyone is especially impressed with Davey who has really stepped up his racing this year in the competitive Jr group.

David Bright * 3rd Place * Expert 40-44 Davey Robison * 3rd Place * Jr Steve & Scotty * Old Farts Sport Nancy * Expert Women 45-49

1. David 2. Davey 3. Steve & Scotty  4. Nancy

Some of the “old farts categories” weren’t as well attended at this race so these dhReno racers made it to the podium because most of their competition retired or died off!

There were also some dashed hopes as crashes and flats took their toll on other dhReno racers:

  • Jason B. was on his way to a to a great finish in the Semi-Pro race when a flat in the “Barney Rubble” section cost him the race.
  • Adam (in his first Jr Expert race) and Randy were both flying on their race runs when “over the bars” crashes took a bucket load of time to recover from.
  • Bernie raced hard, all the while suffering from severe allergies and taking multiple allergy meds. To top it all off, on her race run she got stuck behind a much slower rider that she couldn’t pass on the tight, technical single track of the Sport course.


Race Pics


Eric at the Aztec Temple  Jason B. at the Aztec Temple David Bright 

1. Eric  2. Jason  3. David


Randy and Davey Nancy Birch Adam Connolly

4. Randy & Davey  5. Nancy  6. Adam


Powderwood Condos Park City, Utah – one of the best deals in PC

Powderwood Condos

Front Porch

Adam uses the big covered porch to do bike maintenance.


Park City, Utah

pARk ciTY

Prk Cty

“Git in ma belleee!”  L2R: Steve, Nancy, Randy, Debbie, Scotty, Eric, Davey, Adam, Bernie, Curtis, David

Scotty's Town Car

Hey what kinda car is that anyway?