Mount Ashland Ski Resort * June 10th & 11th 2006

The dhReno boys had a great showing at the first Ashland 12 Mile Super D Race last weekend. Congratulations to Don Morehouse 3rd Expert 30-39 and Dave Bright 3rd Expert 40+.

Don by Outdoor Exposure 


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Report from Don: 

Ashland was super fun! My girlfriend Janice came along and we made a great weekend exploring a brand new location for the both of us.

The course ended up being quite a pedal fest with a climb pretty close to the start, got the heart rate up pretty good cause you didn't really get a chance to warm up. There was fast, flowy singletrack to be had though, with about a 5000' drop back into the cutesy little town of Ashland. It started with pretty fun descent, climb, some fun singletrack, some fireroad descending, the best singletrack of all (basically the DH race course for the Ashland Spring Thaw), some flat singletrack, then the final plunge into Ashland with loose switchbacks. Angry hikers were present on the lower sections of the course during the Saturday practice and even during the race!!!!! WTF! Rich retired people + trails = bad!!

All in all though, what a cool trip! I came away with 3rd in Expert 30-39 and Dave took 3rd in Expert 40-49 (I believe he had a flat for part of the way as well). Sean may have had some trouble keeping the air in his tires for his run, but better luck next time. The WTB guys were out in force with Mark Weir taking the pro win!

On the way back Janice and I stopped in at the subway cave and did a little bike cruise through the old lava tube, we hoped to see some bats, but there were none to be seen!


Outdoor Exposure pictures – for some reason they only wanted to shoot pics of Don. Sorry Sean and Dave.

Don by Outdoor Exposure Don by Outdoor Exposure


Flyin the colors….

Dave Podium

Dave Bright


Don Podium

Don Morehouse