Carnegie SVRA * Livermore, California * March 25th and 26th, 2006 *

Contratulations to dhReno racer David Bright who won the Expert Men's 35-44 Class by smoking the course and turning in a Pro time. Many thanks to RideSFO who put on a killer race and to all the dhReno folks who made it such a great time.

David Bright at CHDH


Donner Pass

We started off early Saturday morning by chaining up to drive thru a blizzard on Donner Pass.



By the time we got to Livermore it was green and beautiful…..


Shuttle Line

Shuttle Truck

We're on the back of this truck. This shuttle ride was a wilder ride than the ride down on bikes! It must have been first time the driver ever drove a clutch or something… good thing we were all wearing body armor and helmets!


Racing: we did this race with the least amount of practice runs of any race that we've ever done. Bad weather and muddy conditions did not allow the shuttle to run on Saturday, so we got the equivalent to one and a half practice runs. We got in one late, hurried shuttle run on Sunday before they closed the course for racing.

Despite the lack of practice dhReno riders did amazingly well. New dhReno JrX rider Adam Connolly blazed down the course with a great time in a very competitive group. Scott Richardson rode very aggresively in his first race of the season taking 3rd in the FOF group. 


EricOpperman Christy Gott Curtis Opperman

(click to enlarge) 1. Eric, 2. Christy and 3. Curtis.  Professional Photos by Tomo. Eric and Curtis are screaming fast going thru this berm.


Nancy Birch Randy Robison Scott Richardson

1. Nancy, 2. Randy, 3. Scotty. Professional Photos by Tomo


Steve Cleek Crash

1. Steve, 2. unknown guy crashing. Professional Photos by Tomo


Wally and Mandy

Mandy and Wally


Black Rock Bicycles Raffle Prize

Black Rock Bicycles  was a sponser of the CHDH and supplied a Phat Cycles Sea Breeze Cruiser as a raffle prize. A kid from the Syndicate won it. It was funny to watch as he and his team mates dropped their $5,000 V-10s to ride the cruiser around with big smiles on their faces. Sometimes it just takes getting back to basics.



  • David Bright  – 1st Place Expert Men's 35-44
  • Steve Cleek  – 5th Fast Old Farts 45+
  • Adam Connolly – 6th Jr Expert
  • Christy Gott – 3rd Expert Women
  • Curtis Opperman – 20th Pro (on a trail bike)
  • Eric Opperman – 15th Pro
  • Scott Richardson – 3rd Fast Old Farts 45+
  • Randy Robison – 4th Fast Old Farts 45+

Check out the race results at

Cheering Crew: (some of these folks would normally race but missed the rider signup cutoff)

  • Wally Armstrong & Mandy
  • Nancy Birch
  • Jason Caufield & Crissy
  • Tomo Ichikawa & Fumi
  • Bernie Opperman
  • Davey Robison
  • Debbie Robison


143 pictures by such famous photographers as Bernie, Tomo & Steve

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A Finished Product – Mountain Bike Race Photography by Kris Haderer


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